Ok guys I have been looking at Druid builds and as you can imagine there are all sorts of meta and none meta builds but what it seems to boil down to is three main builds...

Full Heal Druid
Concentrates only on healing does very little damage.

Power/Support Druid
A jack of all trades not bad at healing or DPS but does not excel at either.

Full DPS Druid
Maximum damage output plain and simple.

I am currently running a Raid build variant which is a Power/Support Druid with a staff and the option of long Bow, tbh I like it as its a utility build that imo suits many situations that I and we as a guild find our selves in atm, however that may change in time but for now it seems to work.

What I would be looking to do ultimately is run two builds, a utility/support build for day to day activities and geared accordingly and a dedicated healing build geared accordingly, obviously it will take time for high end gearing of both so I would prefer to concentrate on one first and perhaps go exotics only for the other, so here is the question.

For grouping purposes would you prefer that I continue to develop my Support Druid or swap to Full Heal Druid? Which do you think is most beneficial in a group at this time?